to sleep

Do you know those beach huts with a hammock on the porch? The accommodations at Borapirá are exactly like this! Each cottage has a large and comfortable bedroom, bathroom and balcony to accommodate a family of up to four people.

accommodate up to 4 people

hammok n the balconies

large bathrooms

the cute beach houses

In addition to being close to the sea, they all come with a 42-inch LCD TV, split air-conditioning, a minibar, hot water in the shower and a balcony with hammock. Ideal for relaxing after the beach. Nothing like getting on the beach, taking that nice shower and napping in a comfortable bed in a cool room. But if you prefer, lie on the hammock on the porch and enjoy the fantastic time you and your family will be living.

acomodam até 4 pessoas
casinha de praia
tv, frigobar e ar-condicionado


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