• History of the Borapirados

The Borapirados are marine animals that defend beaches and oceans, tired of being invaded by plastic bags, pet bottles and people who do not respect the marine life have resolved to fight this terrible threat.
Day by day they are common animals of the beach, but when they feel the presence of the trash, they transform themselves in the incredible "Borapirados" with powerful arms to defend themselves and to defend the sea of its worse enemy, the marine garbage.

Tuti, the manatee

It is on the extinction list and is the only mammal of all the Borapirados, they are docile and only eat plants. They reach 4 meters in length and weigh 600 kg. His skin is a very tough leather despite only eating grass. Tuti looks good, but when he feels threatened, he turns a compressor capable of kneading tons of cans in seconds. To defend himself from one of his enemies, the jet ski, he hits his powerful tail in the water creating waves that can reach 10 meters high, capable of turning up to ships.

Turu, the aratu

Native species of mangroves, they love to climb the mangrove trees, these trees are very important for filtering the waters. Did you know that after the coral reefs the mangrove is considered the richest ecosystem? This small crustacean when threatened turns into Turu, the Aratu, with sharp legs and eyes that stretch to see where the evildoer is, their paws are powerful claws of Wolverine steel.

Alba, the jellyfish

The jellyfish have existed for over 650 million years, are beautiful and very dangerous marine animals. Alba is a very smart and well-known jellyfish, until today nobody knows his age, his skills are to feel the danger through his wires and defend himself with paralyzing electric shocks, his wires destroy a pet bottle in seconds depending on the danger are transformed into marine pumps of concentrated energy.

Adolfo, the octopus

Did you know that the octopus brain is very much like ours? And what do scientists consider him the genius of the sea? They have the ability to plan, play and are great at solving problems.  Adolphus is a terrible octopus disguised as silly octopus, but those eyes can see for miles, their tentacles are so strong that they stop the propeller of a ship and their suction cups loosen a destructive ooze from the toughest plastic on the planet.

Tim, the massunim

Massunim or a small shellfish, like hot, muddy waters, are quiet, hidden in the sand and love to be tasted, but when Tim feels the presence of the plastic bags becomes highly aggressive, he creates giant teeth and eyes, destroying everything with marine fury.

Mafalda, the turtle comb

Seriously threatened, Turtle Pente is playful and always looks for the beach that was born to spawn, of 100 turtles born only 1 had reached adult life. They have a well-developed vision and hearing system. Mafalda is a cheerful and playful turtle but when sighting a plastic bag in the sea water grows rows of fine and strong teeth with the capacity to rip more than a thousand sacks according to their double eyes and are great paralyzing hypnotists of evil humans.

Baia, the blue pufferfish

Pufferfish is a fish that has one of the most curious defense systems of the animal kingdom. When he feels threatened by a predator or when he becomes frightened or angry he fills the body with water and inflates it like a bladder. This behavior leaves you with a spherical shape and up to three times larger than the normal size. This intimidates and drives away the enemy. It has a terrible poison inside it. The Baiá has a unique personal characteristic, its fins become arms that surrounds the enemy immobilizing with its terrible paralyzing poison. Your jolly fish face face is a trick to give that deadly embrace.

Jackdeep, the fire coral

Although they seem like simple stones, coral reefs are highly important living organisms. It is estimated that approximately 65% of the marine fish live in this important habitat, and therefore its preservation is fundamental. Jackdeep is very playful and likes to see the little fish playing around him and other animals that live with him like lobsters, octopus, hedgehogs, he is the guardian of these sea friends, but ... when he feels threatened, he turns a terrible pirate coral, with pointed tips capable of ripping iron and steel! His eyes multiply, making the enemy dizzy and falling asleep.


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