• Hey Son, let´s go to the Pousada Borapirá?

  • What's in there, Mama?

  • It has a beautiful sea with warm and calm waters

  • Has swimming pool
  • and has a cute beach house for our family
  • Very spacious and comfortable
  • There's beach food.
  • Lots of delicious stuff
  • And still have a walk to see the manatee
  • Let´s go?

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A inn for the family

Pousada Borapirá, Praia de Tatuamunha - AL - Brasil

warm and calm waters

the shadow of the almond tree

Children's pool

to sleep

Beach cottages with bedroom, balcony and bathroom, comfortable and spacious, accommodating up to 4 people and are just a few steps from the sea. Inside has: 42-inch LCD TV, split air-conditioning, mini-fridge, hot water and balcony with hammock. Ideal for relaxing after the beach.

for up to 4 people
cute beach house
tv, minibar and air conditioning

to eat

Beach house resembles irresistible scent coming from the kitchen, so is the restaurant, with regional flair and fresh seasoning. For lunch or dinner have a deli fish, sun meat, pizza, tapiocas, cakes, pastries and other goodies made in the house. Breakfast is in the best Borapira style, served with variety, flavor and individual service at each table, with seasonal fruits, juices, couscous, breads, jams, curd cheese and other regional delicacies.


to play

It has beach, sea bath, swimming pool, boat ride to the natural pools, diving, see minnows, walk to see the manatee, sand castles, play Lego, draw ...

swimming pool


Tatuamunha Beach (indigenous name meaning small armadillo) is a village in the municipality of Porto de Pedras in Alagoas. The place keeps great beauties; ranging from a "Caribbean" sea in front of the inn, with clear and warm waters along the entire length of the beach, to areas of mangrove, river, ecological trails and stretches of Atlantic forest in the surroundings.

Meet the Borapirados!

The animals that defend the sea


Phone: (82) 3298 6520

WhatsApp: (82) 99611 9812